In 2012, it was decided that Runcorn and District required a new tow. At this time we were also displaying at the Ellesmere Port Spring Show. In conversation with the hosting club of the show we were offered an old, well used but sound vessel named "Hudson Bay". As this was suitable for our current needs it was secured from Ellesmere Port MBC. This page shows the development of the rebuild of this tow by many members of the group.
March 2012
The Hudson Bay had seen better days; here it is displayed not long after the spring show
Quite quickly work started on stripping the vessel down to basics, the rear super structure was removed , at this stage it was not clear if the bridge was going to be left intact, however not long after this picture was taken this as well as the railings were also removed.
Using state of the art modelling techniques and much too the amusement of quite a few fellow group members, the construction a Bulbous bow was started with an old pop bottle filled with Glassfibre resin.
Work continues on the bow area with reconstruction to raise the height of the bow area, also at this time the vessel was sanded right back and undercoated, a couple of the group said that they would build a new bridge & stern area, these were made within a week and attached to the vessel.
Boulbous bow finished and the Old Hudson now supporting new colours
Early test tows were a success, here being towed by MSC Viceroy, this being a V class tug as still used on the Eastham locks, along with her three sisters, Volant, Viking & Victory.
These pictures show the Hudson Bay in her new livery undergoing sea trials and weight adjustments, still not fully complete but not far off.
Our thanks go out to all who had a hand in the rebuild of the Hudson Bay, hopefully to be well used for years to come.
Addendum;-  2013 Ellesmere Port Spring Show
Hudson Bay's first official outing